David Drysdale

Digital Design Strategist

I’m a digital design strategist living and working in London, Ontario, Canada. I’ve been making websites since the mid-90s or so.



Strategy isn't a to-do list or a delivery plan. It's a research and insight-driven framework that defines what's valued—and what's valuable—for an organization, project, or initiative.

Content and Storytelling

Content and information have never been so plentiful. Cutting through the noise requires a mindful, strategic approach that emerges from knowing the audience's needs.

Product Management

Organizations rarely lack ideas for the next release. The challenge lies in identifying the right feature—the one that will deliver value to the user while driving value back to the business.


Effective facilitation goes beyond bringing together groups of thinkers. It requires skillfully teasing out powerful ideas and channeling them toward the right problem.

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